The Society is a group for professional gay men to meet locally to get to know each other and make friends.


The Society is a group of local gay guys who meet regularly to get to know each other and make friends.

We organise events such as lunches, dinners and drinks as well as the occasional activity such as bowling and karaoke.

Every member is invited to attend to expand their network and have a laugh with like-minded people.

As a member, we welcome you to add other people to The Society so please don’t keep it your little secret – the more, the merrier!!

  • Weekly Quizzes

    Most weeks we support a local pub and attend their weekly quiz night, which has become very popular among the group and can be a lot of fun - even if you come just for the wine! 

  • Monthly Events

    We arrange monthly events, which are created and shared within our private Facebook Group. These events range from a night bowling or spa day to coach trip to party at Brighton Pride. 

  • Impromptu Events

    The Group is open for any member to post if they would like to do something and this has seen many impromptu events, from Sunday lunches to Beer Festival evening - and the occasional night out to Popworld! 

  • Seasonal Parties

    Every year we organise a Christmas party for our members and we often have a summer BBQ or two to make the most of the sunshine.

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